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Porsche: All dressed up to race

Text: Gonzalo de Martorell. Photos: Porsche

Couple of months ago the Stuttgart firm launched the second generation of the Porsche 911, the Carrera GTS, an acronym that, for this German firm, has always represented versions of the series model that are more sporty and elegant. It is difficult to achieve a more sporty and elegant 911 Carrera… but Porsche has managed it.

Available in four models -Coupé and Cabrio and with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive- the adoption of the acronym ‘Great Tourism Sport’ for the mythical Porsche 911 is not exclusively limited to the inclusion of more refined finishings but has also included the interior, as -with the focus on achieving greater sportiness- the engineers from Stuttgart have achieved 30 HP more from the 3.800 cc and six-cylinder boxer engine than from the standard engine.

The GTS, therefore, delivers an impressive 430 horsepower and so becomes the most powerful model in the 911 series, except for the turbo and the repli-race GT2 and GT3. The car has a power that allows it reach over 300 km/h maximum speed and to go from 0 to 100 km in 4 seconds.

Other components have also received a similar update to make this car be as close as possible to the 911 racing version, while having a greater emphasis on comfort and equipment. The chassis’ distance to the ground is 10 mm lower, it features flared rear wheel arches and a wider track, and the PASM -Porsche Active Suspension Management system-, directly inherited from its racing models.

Besides all this, the 911 GTS also comes with a PDK double clutch gearbox, and the sequential gearshift incorporates a “Launch Control”, to more efficiently and safely handle the quick take offs from a stand still position.

Details in good taste

With regards to the aesthetics, among the details that define the car’s personality are the new black chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes, designed to transmit the sound of a racing engine to the cabin of the car.

Also visually noticeable are the 20-inch centre lock wheels-derived from those used in competitions, although maintaining a traditional Porsche design, painted in a matt black tone exclusive to this version. Looking for an aggressive but somehow more discreet aesthetic, the covers of the Bi-Xenon headlights -with a dynamic light system- and the engine inlet screens are also black.

A “premium” touch in the upholstery and finishings mark the difference of this 911 version. The seats’ ergonomics have been optimised to make them more comfortable. The central panels are upholstered in Alcantara, with leather on the sides, in a design that is exclusive to this version.

The 911 GTS has just arrived in car dealerships and the prices range between 135,339 euros for the standard Carrera model to 158,100 euros for the Carrera 4 Cabrio.