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Koket: Innate desire to seduce

Text: Sonia Reixach. Photos: Koket

Janet Morais is the founder and creative director behind this seductive firm of exclusive furniture. Koket – ‘Love Happens’ collection, are pieces of provocative designs that exude an aura of unmatched sensuality.

Janet, a New Yorker by birth, grew up between Europe and the USA, but it was her love affair with the French capital that, no doubt, marked her professional and personal trajectory. Her love of Parisian design and fashion led her to move to the city of glamour and beauty. In a short time she managed to become part of the refined Parisian world, acquiring exquisite taste for high couture and, overall, developing the ability to stay ahead of the trends.
Koket is a dream come true for Janet: she always felt the need to create a brand that was a reflection of herself, of the fabulous world that surrounds her. In truth, Koket is not a simple collection of exclusive furniture, it is a collection full of experiences, passions and moments lived that have defined her life throughout all these years.
Since the launching of her brand in 2010, she has seduced the design industry and has managed to quickly position the brand on the complex international market of luxury firms. Maestro artisans and jewellers don’t leave any detail to chance, guaranteeing that each carefully handcrafted piece is of a very high quality.
Koket had an important presence on the big screen. Her pieces are the protagonists, alongside Christian Grey and Anastasia, in the movie ‘50 Shades of Grey’. Her furniture is part of the movie’s provocative staging, providing an extra layer of visual eroticism. Koket, as well as the world Mr Grey surrounds himself in, evokes passion, desire and power.