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Luxury Fountain Pens: Pleasure for writing

It is true that any clock can give you the time. It is just as true that any pen can write on paper. However, there are certain fountain pens that belong to a superior category: they are real jewels that contribute to beautiful handwriting, soft or powerful, as an elegant and distinguish extension of the hand. Listed below are the main brands for fountain pens and some of their star products.

This German firm presents the Montblanc Patron of the Arts Edition, Henry E. Steinway, dedicated to the renowned piano manufacturer. The 4810 model features a combination of the gold and black colours typical of grand pianos, with the pen’s barrel in black lacquer and gold-plated details. The nib is adorned with the representation of the heart of the piano, and the 750 gold nib features an engraved portrait of Steinway himself. Meanwhile, the limited 888 edition is adorned with the image of a piano harp made of 750 solid gold. On the other hand, the Monte Celio fountain pen is, with a price tag of 3 million dollars, the most expensive writing devise in the world. It is a collectors item, with 1,500 diamonds and pink sapphires, the cap crowned with a diamond of 11.8 kts of maximum purity, whilst the clip ends in a delicate petal of pink sapphires made up of 0.45 kts.

David Oscarson
These handmade, limited edition fountain pens feature the Guilloche manufacturing process, which grant them those special colours that have become their hallmark. Among their latest editions, highlights include the Black Water Dragon (88 pieces), presented in two primary colours: Translucent Ruby Red and Opaque Black in Gold Vermeil. Another edition pays homage to the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus (70 pieces). Inspired by his numerous great works, this one-of-a-kind collection features multiple levels of guilloche engraving and seven colours in Hot Enamel. The third edition is the Black Water Snake (88 pieces) and the fourth is the Rosetta Stone (77 pieces). All these pieces are crafted from .925 Sterling Silver, and their intricate design incorporates multiple levels of diamond-cut Guilloche engraving and a combination of Translucent and Opaque Hard Enamels.

With 168 years of history, this North-American brand pays homage to their Peerless fountain pens, and to do so have launched the Cross Peerless 125, with a bold, wide-bodied barrel, finished in precious metals and Swarovski crystals with a brilliant faceted cut. There are special models: one plated in thick 23kt gold, another is platinum-plated while another is made of obsidian black lacquer. On the other hand, the special edition Year of the Goat is a fountain pen with 18kt solid gold nib, that is presented plated in a thick layer of 23kt gold or otherwise finished in highly shiny translucid black lacquer, with overlayers and details plated in polished gold. Finally, the Cross Botanic series feature exuberant floral designs of pearlescent Ivory Lacquer, with deeply engraved loops showing metallic reflections, which join the layers together.

Graf von Faber Castell
Inspired by the Amber Room at Catherine Palace, in St Petersburg, Graf von Faber Castell presents their Special Edition 2014 Pen of the Year. These are two pens that share the bright red-brown jasper hue, and where the detail of the filigree is sectioned in extra thin layers and carefully polished. Embedded on the platinum-plated barrel of the limited edition fountain pen (the edition is limited to 1,000 units), are three big pieces of jasper stones. The pen’s cap is embellished with Russian grey quartz with a facet finish. Meanwhile, another special edition of 150 pieces is plated in 24kt gold, and small black plaques featuring gold rosettes frame its barrel. Both editions feature a bi-coloured nib of 18kt gold and are hand engraved. Both models are also presented in the roller version, in limited editions of 300 and 30 pieces respectively.

The Italian firm Omas features four exclusive models. One is the Arte Italiana: made of Navy Blue and Teal Green cotton resin, it is handcrafted and guilloche-engraved with a fine rice grain pattern. For the first time ever the fountain pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil grips are also guilloche-engraved. Another model is the Cohiba, which now comes in ruthenium. The modern ruthenium trims match brightly with the warm shades of the ziricote wood whose grain and origin are reminiscent of the raw material the brand Cohiba uses. The limited edition Piri Reis, presented some years ago featuring 500 pieces in silver, plated in yellow gold, ten pieces in solid pink gold and eight piston fountain pens in white gold and diamonds, now enlarges the collection with a version in aged .925% silver, limited to 50 piston fountain pens and 50 rollers.

This Italian fountain pen firm has several special lines that pay homage to diverse personalities in the world of culture and sport. For instance, the Ayrton Senna series is presented with the versions Legend (1,960 pieces, manufactured in resin) and Champion (610 pieces, made in .925 sterling silver). Another collection is dedicated to Pelé, with the Heritage lines (with 1,283 fountain pens and 1,283 rollerball pen in the silver version, and 10 units of each in the gold variant) and the P10 (manufactured in black resin with silver adornments). There is also the Quincy Jones line, which features a black carbon barrel, with the pens extremes made of gold and multi-coloured resin with marble patterns. The collection features 1,933 pens of each version in carbon fibre, in homage to the year of birth of this musician and producer.

This Italian brand specialised in luxury items presents their Imperial collection, which consists of a violet pen, engraved with the distinctive arabesque of the collection, with palladium touches, and a cap engraved with a cabochon in the same violet colour. Within this line there is also a pink roller, engraved with details in pink gold, and with a pink coloured cap engraved with a violet cabochon. On the other hand, the Imperial line features a fountain pen in black rubber, plated in palladium, with an 18kt gold nib, also in a palladium finish, and a rollerball pen, in black rubber and also plated in palladium.