Category : Gastronomy

Bistreau: Reinventing seafood cuisine

From a few weeks ago, the restaurant Bistreau has achieved a special place in Barcelona’s gastronomic outlook: under the guidance of Ángel León, who is known as the “Sea Chef”, the restaurant presents an original menu where fish, shellfish and other sea edibles lead the way on an exciting gastronomic journey; a gamble that this chef with two Michelin stars has already taken in his restaurant in Cádiz.

Espai Kru: Wonders without cooking

The place is small: just twelve tables, minimalist decoration –only a couple of pictures of clownfish are hung on the walls–. There’s a cocktail bar, and on the other side is the bar where fish and seafood are on display, and where the Chef, Ever Cubilla, and his team prepare their creations. What is the novelty? That almost all the dishes are raw. Uncooked. Welcome to Espai Kru.