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Joaquín Cortés: “I strived to be number one”

Joaquín Cortés is considered one of the ten best dancers in history, on a worldwide level. “I found myself on a list where Nijinski, Baríshnikov, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were!, says Cortés, the dancer that took flamenco dancing to the whole world. However, in this interview for B-STYLE, he regrets that his work doesn’t have the same recognition in Spain that it does across the rest of the world.

Caterham Seven 620R: British, fast and elegant

It is difficult to decide if the latest Caterham car, the Seven 620 R, is a racing car of elegant features or rather an elegant car you can race. What is clear is that it is the most powerful of the seven cars manufactured by the British firm. A true registrable racer that Caterham’s own CEO confesses he wouldn’t recommend to anyone who is lacking experience with this type of car.

Rovos Rail: A Victorian train to discover South Africa

Rovos Rail aids the discovery of the exotic landscapes of the South of Africa whilst on board one of the most exclusive trains in the world. In restored Victorian and Edwardian-style carriages, passengers experience a world of elegance whilst crossing plains, deserts and savannahs.

Jaime Hayon & BD Barcelona Design: Where design and art meet

In the design world, BD Barcelona Design is a Spanish firm of designer furniture currently enjoying great international acclaim. Their pieces are characterised by exceptionally high quality, and their production process is based more on handcrafting than on industrial manufacturing. They are exclusive producers of a collection of noveau style furniture designed by Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. Their exclusive catalogue also features work by some of the most significant contemporary designers, like Konstantin Grcic or Jaime Hayon.

Espai Kru: Wonders without cooking

The place is small: just twelve tables, minimalist decoration –only a couple of pictures of clownfish are hung on the walls–. There’s a cocktail bar, and on the other side is the bar where fish and seafood are on display, and where the Chef, Ever Cubilla, and his team prepare their creations. What is the novelty? That almost all the dishes are raw. Uncooked. Welcome to Espai Kru.